-- derived from the Spanish word, "a fondo", meaning "thoroughly, in depth, all out"

Established in 2017, Aphondo consists of Secret 6's best and brightest Quality Assurance analysts. Boasting experience and skills with testing various games and media. Delivering premium testing services, Aphondo ensures nothing less than quality work for its clients.

Why Us?


Time is gold, let's get on to business!

We streamline our processes to ensure productivity. Our testing method includes fast project onboarding for our testers, and a no fuss setup so we can get onto testing right away!


Aphondo is our name and quality is our game

We make sure to give nothing but the best service to our clients. Schedules, game functionality, and polish are everything to us. We commit to timely submissions so your project launches on time.

Game Development
and Gaming Knowledge

We are well versed in games!

We love games! Not only does our team have vast knowledge and experience in different games, we also know our way around the game development process.

Support and Access
to a Wide Range of Technologies

Tablet? Mac? VR? We got you covered!

With the wide variety of devices in our device library, we will make sure your product is tested and covered for all possible platforms. From mobile devices to the advanced VR systems, we got it all for you!


Content Testing

Functionality Testing

Compatibility Testing


Ad hoc Testing


Mobile - iOS & Android

Armed with experience in mobile app testing.

We are highly experienced in mobile testing and specialize in testing on iOS and Android. But we continuosly tap into new developments in mobile. As the world's mobile technologies evolve, our expertise in mobile testing also keep expanding. We can assure you nothing but quality testing outputs for your selected mobile platforms.

Windows & MacOS

Testing geared for the most widely used gaming platform.

Desktop is one of the most dominant platforms in games. We are versed in testing for a variety of games on Mac and Windows. Combined with our experience in games, bugs, and user experience testing, you can bet that we will help your product shine bright.

Next Generation Technologies

Access to the next gen gaming tech including Oculus VR, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and many more!

Got a project involving emerging technology? Our team has a wide experience in testing various games from mobile, PC, and VR. We developed know-how that assures we can cater and adapt to various devices for your game quality assurance needs.

The Commanders

Our leaders that light our way through the darkness and (t)errors of testing.

Ronald Schaffner

President & Founder

Ralph Quiambao

Internal Operations Manager

Rizza Martinez

Senior QA Lead

Aaron Padilla

Senior QA

Isaiah Matthew Ilacad

Senior QA

Mark Kaizan Caballes

Senior QA

Jeremy Ray Macalino

Senior QA

The Frontliners

Our experienced QAs that brave the buggy-bug world.

John Paul Reyes

3D QA-UX Analyst

Robert Aldrich Obsuna

QA-UX Analyst

Janine Anne Vicencio

QA-UX Analyst

Ruichi Realista

QA-UX Analyst

Abraham Jimenez

QA-UX Analyst

Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

QA-UX Analyst

Joseph Bryan Bardonido

QA-UX Analyst

Thaddeus Paul Brillantes

QA-UX Analyst

Jericho Allas

QA-UX Analyst

Neil Jayson Alcuran

QA-UX Analyst

Rashid Dale Chong

QA-UX Analyst

Jarel Corpuz

QA-UX Analyst

Hans Ramos

QA-UX Analyst

Ellaine Esguerra

QA-UX Analyst

Brian Alvic Cruz

QA-UX Analyst

Jules Ancheta

QA-UX Analyst

Philip Co

QA-UX Analyst

Eleazar Piñon

QA-UX Analyst

Roy Daniell Jugo

QA-UX Analyst

Work with Us

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